Friday, November 2, 2012

In the Flow

I've felt it when I'm running on the elliptical in the morning. When just the right song starts to play in my headphones, with just the right speed to match the rhythm of my feet. And suddenly my tiredness goes away, and I no longer feel like I'm struggling uphill. But instead I'm in the groove, in the flow. My body matching the tempo of the music. And for a few minutes, this crazy
output of energy feels effortless. Feels like a big "Yes!" Feels amazing.

I've felt it when I'm playing and singing alongside other musicians. When partway through a song, the energy rises, and we all know exactly where to go, when to play. And it's no longer hitting the right notes, or counting out the right beats, but just feeling the song and letting it pour out. It's being in the groove, in the flow. Time seems to get lost, or at least left behind. And in that song, it's beautiful, inspiring, a level higher than just playing music. 

And I've felt it when I'm praying, both on my own or with others. When the Spirit's presence is suddenly thick in the room, my heart open and exposed. And I'm no longer asking requests or seeking answers, or speaking at all. It no longer feels like my prayers need to travel to reach my Lord because I am aware that He is here, with me, with us. His love surrounds, His heart speaks. It's being in the groove, in the flow. It's being filled up and poured out all at the same time. It's being known completely while learning more of who He is. And in that space there is beauty, there is "Yes!" and there is hope.

It's moments when we rise above the regular plodding away of life, transcend striving and we can just be. Just enjoy. Feel who God made us to be more fully.

In my life God often uses music as a pathway to His presence, but also prayer, relationships, silence, nature... What is it for you? Is it when you have a paintbrush and canvas in your hands? When your running shoes are hitting the pavement? When you're kneeling in the gardens dirt, surrounded by the scents of growing life? What is it for you?

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