Monday, November 5, 2012

Be Made Whole

So often we, as broken people, put the burden of fixing ourselves on ourselves. We try, harder and harder. We make promises to ourselves, commitments to God. We push, we strive, we fight with our brokenness. We even ask God for the strength to change. But we are ultimately expecting to do it ourselves. 

But we do not have the strength or ability to fix our brokenness. We crumble under the weight of it. We really only have the strength to go to One who is

I am often moved in deep ways by music. This past week it was by a song by Paul Baloche off of his Same Love album called Just Say.  The chorus is simply:

Just say, just say the word
Just say the word
I'll be made whole

It bring me peace to know in my brokenness, in my struggling, I do not have to muster the strength to change myself. I can turn to Jesus who died so we can have new life. I can surrender my brokenness to him, and trust that with just His word, I can be made whole.

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