Monday, October 29, 2012

Going Without

According to the Weather Network, a mammoth of a storm is on its way, one that could produce 60-100 km winds that could take down many trees, enough rain to cause flooding, and the potential for long periods of power outages. I'm quite curious if the storm will live up to the warnings and the hype. Not that I am looking forward to living in those conditions for any length of time, especially with a baby. But there is something anti-climactic when a big storm is predicted, and it passes with little impact.
Last night, Kevin and I were talking about how rough it would be to have no electricity for a few days. We've actually experienced a similar situation recently. In September we were at some good friends for a few days, and their well had run dry. So though there was electricity, there was no running water. We knew this in advance, and decided we were up for the adventure!
Going for a few days without running water is harder than I thought. Our friends drove to a neighbors once a day to fill a barrel full of water. This was used for cooking, drinking, washing dishes.  If we needed hot water it had to be boiled. If we needed to flush a toilet, you would fill a small bucket with rainwater and pour it in. When we needed to bathe our babies, we had to mix boiled water with cold in a basin. If we wanted to shower... hello neighbors!
I have to say I have never been more thankful for running water and warm showers than after that awesome, adventurous vacation!
Now today there is the smallest potential that I could find out what it is like to go without electricity for a little while.  We would have to break out some candles. Throw on our coats to cook over the barbecue on the back deck. Layer ourselves with sweaters, socks and blankets. Keep the fridge closed unless absolutely necessary.
I know I seriously take these luxuries for granted every day. Going without for any period of time is a wonderful practice in proper perspective and thankfulness.
What would be hardest for you to do without for a few days?

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  1. I think for me the hardest would be no water and no light!! There is nothing I enjoy more in the evening than sitting down with a book for a bit before bed time after my shower. A few weeks ago, for two consecutive evenings, our power went out. Where were the candles? I scrambled to find the flash light and the candles were soon lit. However, there was not enough light to read, and so early to bed-9 p.m. already!! And no cup of tea to enjoy with my read. Luxuries totally that I take for granted way too often!! Mom R