My name is Jessica Rietema.  The Rhythms of Grace is a place for me to share thoughts on the things that are nearest and dearest to my heart.  A lot of the topics you will encounter here come from the various parts of my life that make up who I am.

I am Christian.  And not just in the sense that I go to church on Sunday morning (though I do).  But I try to live for God in each moment, each day.  This is where a lot of my thoughts will centre because it is a daily and comprehensive aspect of my life.  How does the Bible apply to my life?  How do I live as a wife, an employee, a friend, or anything else in a way that honours my Lord? 

I am a wife.  On October 20, 2007 I married Kevin - my sweetheart and my best friend.  I have loved getting to know him better each day since then and getting to do life with him.  I am growing as a person because of his love and influence on my life. 

I am a mother.  July 6, 2012 saw Jordyn Grace added to our family.  It is beyond sweet to be able to love and take care of this little girl.  I am so excited to see who she will become and support her in every aspect of life.

I am a musician.  As far back as I can remember I have been playing piano and singing.  More recently in life I have also taken up guitar and bass guitar.  I was an enthusiastic song writer in my teenage years - a skill that at present feels dorment, though I hope and trust it will take on a bigger part of my life again someday.  Right now I get to express myself most as a worship leader and band member at our church, where Kevin is the Music Director.  It is wonderful to get to do this alongside him.  Singing makes me feel alive and like I'm doing what I was made to do.

Some other areas in my life that fill my heart and mind each day are listed in short here.  I love to bake and cook - for my husband, for friends, or just for myself.  I spend time at my church as a youth leader and enjoy building into such amazing kids lives.  I love being outside, especially hiking through the forest or lying on the beach.  I love to read, both stories and non-fiction.  I am blessed with good friends, and with a wonderful family including three beautiful girls that call me Aunt Jessica.