Monday, August 6, 2012

Never Be the Same

One month ago our sweet baby girl was born.  Jordyn Grace, 10:03 am on July 6th after 11 hours of labour,  7 lbs, 14 oz, 21 inches.  Details that will be forever ingrained in my memory.  I knew on that day that our lives would never be the same again, though I didn't really know what that meant yet.  Now, one month later, I have a growing understanding of what it means to be parents, what this huge event in our lives is going to mean for us.  On a day to day basis, I am learning what it means to take care of a daughter.  To make sure she is fed, changed, and sleeping at the right times, to hold her and comfort her when needed.  But also in my heart I am learning what it means to have a daughter.  I now know a totally new kind of love that is also going to change me and because of her existence in my life I will never be who I was one month ago again.  I always knew that having a child would teach me so much about God, about love.  That in becoming a mother, and experiencing this kind of love, that I would have a new understanding for His love for us.  And this is already true.  His love is not based on anything we have done, it is pure and complete and based solely on the fact that He is our Father.  Jordyn is one month old, and has really done nothing yet except exist, but already Kevin and I love her so much.  Our love for her is not based on accomplishment or performance, but on the fact that she is our daughter.  I am excited to continue on this adventure, though with a mix of overwhelming awe and nervousness as well.  I am excited to learn who this little girl is going to be.  I walk forward in humility and dependence on God.  

Happy One Month Jordyn!

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