Friday, August 31, 2012

Homemade Salsa

One of my favourite things on the internet is following cooking and baking blogs!  I have found a few treasures that make me laugh so hard it hurts with their writing and drool uncontrollably with their recipes and pictures.  I tried having a food page on this blog once, but it didn't fly.  For one, it takes incredible creativity, time and energy, and I could not do it justice.  For two, I tend to blog about more serious heart topics.  I work out a lot of what I am learning on here.

That being said, yesterday I attempted to can my own homemade salsa, and thought it would be fun to share some pictures from my exhausting but rewarding day!  

I even laid out all the ingredients before hand and pre-measured my spices in pretty glass bowls for a pre-cooking picture

After everything was chopped it was into the pots to boil for 1 1/2 hours!  

The end result is 14 jars of sweet salsa!  I am very happy with it!  Special thanks to Diana who came to hang out with me and take care of Jordyn while I chopped, cooked and canned.  I am looking so forward to cracking open the first jar with a big ol' bag of whole wheat tostitos!  Now if I could only get the smell of onions off of my hands....  


  1. Wow, I am so impressed!! The pics are beautiful, and for a girl that doesn't like those veggies, you have done spectacular! Enjoy!! I hope it tastes delightful. Mom R

  2. It was a great day, and everything smelt great (but your onion hands) and it was an honour to look after Jordyn :) It tasted amazing! -Diana