Saturday, March 24, 2012

Quiet Space

My life is often not only busy, but noisy.  Not necessarily always physical, outward noise, but inner noise.  Inner noise to me includes everything from my thoughts and worries each day, trying to multi-task, constantly being on the computer, facebook and watching tv or movies.  Noise.  Even if I'm in a quiet room, often my mind is full of noise.  

This noise drowns out my hearts movements, as well as the Spirit's voice in my life. This is one reason that lately I have been pursuing what I am calling Quiet Space.  

Now, many Christians try to have a "quiet time" which usually means trying to carve out a small or large piece of time each day to read the bible, reflect, and pray.  This is great, but this is not what I'm talking about exactly.  Since January I have only actually experienced this quiet space twice, and both times were prompted by God's Spirit, not my own desire and decision to make it happen.  It was not me saying that I was going to take a half hour to be quiet with God, but it was Him nudging me to drop what I was doing and come be with Him.  And both times were profoundly enriching and restoring to my soul.  

It is as if there is a first level of being in a physically quiet place, then a deeper level of quieting the heart and mind, and this quiet space is even deeper in that my soul itself is quiet.  I think this is why it is not a daily experience as it is very hard to get to this place.  But it makes me hungry for more of this vulnerability and quiet before my Creator and Saviour.  To be fully present in my entire being with Him, with no agenda or timeframe, but to just be with Him, open and listening.

For years I have been asking God for more of Himself.  I feel this is part of the answer to that prayer, and its not what I expected, but it is so good.

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