Thursday, March 15, 2012


Today at work I helped a customer via email find the right part number for a fridge part they had broken and got the shipment out today for her.  This is a very normal part of my day - talking with people, making sure it is the right part, and getting it out as quickly as possible.  But after everything was settled, she emailed back saying that this was the best service she had ever experienced for a matter like this.  She asked me to pass along the compliment to my supervisor.

That just made my day, I have to be honest.  I realized from how surprised I was from this customers appreciation that in general people do not express gratitude to each other.  More often than not, we take each other for granted or only speak up to someone when we are upset.

I try to offer great service no matter who I am dealing with, to treat each customer with respect, friendliness and prompt service.  But very seldom is this effort recognized by the customer (by my co-workers, yes, we encourage each other and value each others work). This made me wonder two things.

First, what is it in us that overlooks saying thanks?  Perhaps we are so busy and filled with mental noise that nothing else can reach us except what is urgent and demanding our attention in our own lives.  We are so pre-occupied that we fail to recognize that we interact with other humans beings with emotions.  Especially if someone is providing a service for us, we see them as doing their job and forget that they may be doing their very best and may be in need of encouragement.

Second, who do I overlook?  Who do I encounter throughout my day or week that I could be speaking words of life into, but instead I just pass by? There is a cashier that I often get in the grocery store that is always very pleasant and friendly.  One of the ladies at a company we work with is always very prompt and goes above and beyond to help our customers.  There are people in my church who are amazing behind the scenes volunteers who clean, stack chairs, make coffee, etc. etc. How often do I recognize these types of people and let them know their hard work is noticed and valued.  

I'm hoping in the next few days I get to make someone else's day the same way this person made my day.

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