Thursday, January 17, 2013

He Knows

Happy Belated New Year to each one of you! We were in Alberta visiting family the two weeks after Christmas, so even though we are 17 days into the year, I feel like it is still just starting! 

Last night I experienced something that is fairly common for me. My baby girl has been struggling with a cold on and off for the past few weeks, and last night her cough sounded pretty rough. So even though all three of us were tucked into our beds, and both my hubby and daughter were sleeping, that occasional nasty cough kept this mama awake for far too long. It isn't always a coughing daughter, but often when something keeps me awake at night, that's when it happens. 

In the dark quiet of the night when I am still far from sleep, fear has an opportunity to creep in. My thoughts will easily jump from the events of the day and the plans for tomorrow to my worries about the future and the unanswered questions that go along with that. Then I start to feel fear.

Last night, as this began happening once again, I felt drawn to turn away from my own thoughts, and turn my heart towards God. I asked God what He wanted to say in this quiet moment as my heart was fearful. I heard the beginning three words of a very popular Bible verse, Jeremiah 29:11. I'm familiar with the full verse, and with the chapter it comes out of, but last night I only needed those three words.

"For I know..."

How beautiful and comforting these words, that God knows. I do not know what is coming tomorrow. I do not know what our future will look like and what seasons of life we will be faced with. But my loving, faithful God says, "Trust me. Walk with me. Do not fear. For I know." 

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