Friday, September 30, 2011


I love the sound of the rain.  Last night I was on my way home from picking up some groceries, and it was starting to sprinkle.  By the time I got myself in the house, it was full out raining.  And before I even put the groceries away, I threw open the sliding patio door so that I could hear the rain as I puttered in the kitchen.  This has been happening all summer.  Sitting down to read a book with the windows wide open, hearing it.  Crawling into bed after opening all the bedroom windows, letting the rain be my lullaby.  Sometimes even standing under the overhang of our roof on the front steps a few minutes before going inside the house, to listen and rest in the sound.

There is something about the sound of rain.  It makes me feel alive.  It makes me feel safe.  It is peaceful and exciting at the same time. 

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