Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sweet Tooth

I have a sweet tooth.  A sweet tooth the size of the Eiffel Tower.  

I also have been working for a year and a half at adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes walking, biking, and being aware of what I eat.  I count my calories most days and log them into a really helpful website.  And if you've been around me the past year or so, you probably know that I have had success with this and have lost approx. 30 lbs.  Give or take with the ups and downs of life.

What happens when these two things collide???  

I come home from work, and man!  I want something sweet!  Open the pantry, open the fridge - look!  Left over raspberry tarts!  Perfect.  Without letting my good sense catch up with me, I pop it out of its little tin cup and chomp, chomp - gone!  Now something inside of me says, "you better log that!"  But something else says - Nope, that was my freebie for the day. Within a few minutes, I eat supper as if that tart never happened, and my count for the day no longer is an accurate reflection of the days intake.  When that second side wins out, I trick myself into thinking its ok to omit the tart from my count, its ok to not tell my accountability partner that I snuck a treat, and somehow I believe it will not impact that number on the scale tomorrow morning! 

Oh how wrong I am.  

I know what some of you may be thinking right now - what kind of way is that to live!  Can't even allow herself some room for a treat every now and then??  

But here's the thing, if my sweet tooth had free reign, it wouldn't be one tart every now and then.  It would  turn into two tarts, a few cookies, a spoonful of peanut butter and a handful of chocolate chips.  Every day.  

I actual find great freedom from counting.  I feel more confident and alive now than I did two years ago.  I'm learning self-control.  Learning - still need the help of counting.  Maybe someday I will be at a place where I can maintain a healthy eating lifestyle without counting.  But for now I feel free and secure within my daily rhythm of counting.

Here's another scenario where my healthy eating and sweet tooth both win!  I come home from work, and I choose not to sneak any snacks because, man!  I'm looking forward to the chicken and potatoes we're having for supper.  I enjoy a lovely meal with my hubby, and I input my food data.  Kevin and I decide its a nice evening for a walk, and when we get back he suggests we have a bowl of ice cream.  I know because of the count that Yes!  I have room to spare today!  Woohoo!  My sweet tooth and my self confidence win!  Bring on the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream!

This is more than just food for me.  It's spiritual - learning a life of self control and honouring God through not giving in to cultural excess.  It's hard, but I feel its worth it.  


  1. Good for you Jessica!! I hear you on the sweet tooth and counting calories!! I struggled like there was no tomorrow with my sweet tooth when I was pregnant and gained (a little too much) weight. (the myth that you can eat "for two" when you're pregnant is a LIE). So when the baby was out I started counting my calories...and I agree. it IS liberating and teaches great self control. i have fallen off the bandwagon but you've reminded me to keep on it. and you too - keep it up!! :) i hope you and kevin are doing well. :)

  2. Hey Candice! Good to hear from you! Thanks for the encouragement. Hi to Jason and Gabe from us too!