Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rhythm and Grace

If I were to try to define Kevin and I with only a few words, which words would I use?

Quiet, Love of Music, Fun Loving, Easy Going, Reliable, Hard Working, Christians, Hungry for God, Trustworthy, Private, Love of the outdoors, Love for people, Love for Family,

The list could continue.  The truth is, it is hard to define who we are.  That would be a difficult task for anyone to undertake.  But in taking some time to think about ourselves, two things that stuck out to me were our love for God and our love for music.  These are two things that probably encompass a lot about who we are.

God - In both of our lives we have come to a place where He is everything to us.  He is not one piece of the pie that takes up our hearts interests.  Living for Him, Walking alongside Him is something that infuses all the other important aspects of our lives.  Our marriage, our jobs, the way we treat our friends, the ways we choose to use our time, the ways we view money, food, and even our own rights, are all affected by our desire to put God first in our lives and honor HIm with the way we live.  He walks with us, and though we are far from perfect, He is faithful and guides us each day.

Music - We are the types of people who in a crowded restaurant can hear the song that's playing on the radio above all the other noise.  Not only that, but we can pick out which groove the band is playing in, and on a good day, maybe even the key.  We love to play.  Kevin has this amazing mind to understand the technical side of music, the rhythms, the intervals, the chord relationships, and then he can use that to continue pushing his own skill, and the skill of those around him to new levels.  I feel alive when I get to sing and play.  When I'm singing at the top of my lungs, I feel like those are the moments I am most myself.

Rhythm and Grace.  Walking with God has a rhythm to it.  There's a way in which we need to lock into the groove of Grace.  You find those moments where your heart is in sync with His and it is a sweet song!  These are also the moments when you feel most alive, most like who you're supposed to be.  Then you play a wrong chord, loose the beat.  But this is a song of Grace, God is always ready to count you back in.  It's beautiful.

I love living for God.  I love singing for Him.  And I want my life to be a beautiful song of praise, gratitude, declaration for Him.

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